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You must really love travel to be checking out our new ‘My Travel CV’ page. Here we talk to other travel blog writers about their experiences and get to ask them any question we want – oohhh the power.  See the bottom of this page to find out who our latest travel blogger interview was with.

Writers from Around the World

We love reading travel blogs, and find them a really useful travel resource whilst planning our own around the world tour.  We’re always interested to learn a bit more about our favourite travel blog writers and are sometimes surprised, when after following a blogger for many years, we discover something new about them from reading an on-line interview.

As part of our trip there are still many destinations we dream of visiting, we have yet to fully explore Europe and are yearning to get back to Italy. Our own experience offers one limited perspective on what its like to travel, so here we share what others have to say about travel.   We think by telling the stories of other travellers, providing different insights about their own personal journeys and highlighting different destinations from around the world, you will have the opportunity to make new friends among the travel community.

Different Blogs for Different Folks

I don’t know the exact number of current up to date travel blogs on-line right now, and if I did it would most probably would’ve increased by the time I posted this page.  Being on the road and travelling on a long-term basis its sometimes difficult for us to keep engaged with the travel community.   This is another reason for us to create this page by sharing we’ll be learning who is out there.

Niche Travel Blogs

Just take a look at a list of niche travel blogs, straight off the top of my head, it took me around a minute to write this. Of course there are many more categories, even blogs dedicated to blogging about travel blogs.

Solo Travel, Couple Travel, Women Travel, Backpacking, Luxury Travel Blogs, Around the World Travel, Gay Travel, Travel Blogs about Food, Destination Specific Expert Blogs, Career-Break Blogs, Twenty-Something Blogs, Teaching Abroad Blogs, Travel Gear Blogs, Independent Travel, Travel Finance Blogs, Long-term travel, Budget Travel Blogs, Family Blogs, Adventure Travel Blog, Older Travel, Skiing Travel Blogs, Spa, Cruise, Vacation Blogs, Travel Photography Blogs, Diving Blogs, Travel Tips and Advice Blogs etc ….. Our favourite being Flashpacking travel blogs 😉

With so much happening in travel blogging, it can almost be impossible to stay informed about new travel bloggers, or travel bloggers in a niche that you are unfamiliar with yourself.  Hopefully, this new feature will allow regular visitors to our site to discover travel bloggers that they may not have come across on the internet.

Don’t Be Shy (Not Every Travel Blog Writer is a Great Self-Publicist)

Thankfully not every blogger in the travel community is an arrogant, egotistical little prig, as it would make for a very boring place.  Having said that, I do follow some great bloggers who may be edging towards inclusion in this category, but they are highly amusing and at the same time can be informative.   

Ironic as it may seem, some bloggers can be quite shy about self-promotion and their main purpose for writing a blog is to engage and share with the travel community. So if you have a favourite travel blogger, and don’t think they’re doing enough to shout about their great travel blog, share this page with them, and hopefully they’ll get in touch.

In reality most travel blog writers are somewhere in between these two extremes.  So if you’d like to share your  blog with others then please check out our Travel Blog Guest Post Submission Page.

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