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One of the benefits about travelling around the world is you get to meet some very interesting characters. We are constantly changing our environment and get exposed to a greater number and diversity of people than we would have met in our average working day before we set off on our travels.

Usually these interactions are positive, you learn something new; discover something about yourself (your likes/dislikes); if your’e lucky you’ll make a new friend.


Travel Experiences Change Your Perspective

We’re often surprised at how wildly different people’s opinions can vary about a specific destination.  This variation in perspective and insight is based on their individual experiences.   The travel community is very generous in this respect, and we are always grateful when others share their travel tips and recommendations with us.  The sharing of  this knowledge whether from a face to face meeting, social media exchanges, comments on our own blog, or reading other travel blogs has been invaluable on this trip.

It has meant that we have been able to save money, avoid some nasty scams, visit some unexpected and delightful places, discovered new and exciting things to do, limit our time in certain locations and avoid potential problems.

It’s great when we get the opportunity to meet somebody who wants to tell us their own travel story. That’s basically why we’ve decided to start our own ‘Travel Experiences’ page to highlight the work and different perspectives to travel based on other travel blogger’s  journeys.


Wanted! Travel Blog Writers

Thankfully there are a growing number of travel bloggers that keep us informed and entertained about the latest happenings from all around the world.  Whether you’ve been blogging for years or your’e relatively new to blogging like us (just over a year old) and have something inspirational, quirky, unique or factual that you’d like to share, get in touch! (This is NOT the place for commercial travel posts and websites)

Or if you run an interesting travel blog and you think we would like to interview you, and introduce you to our followers, please let us know and we will send you some CV questions.

Travel Blog Guest Post Submission

If you’d like to talk about your travels and blog, take a look at our Travel Guest Post Guidelines, which explains what you need to do. We’ll try to feature you in our new interview style travel section called ‘My Travel CV’ or if you have a unique story we’ll consider sharing this in a post in our new travel experience section.

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