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How To Do A UK Staycation: 5 Tips For Staying Stylish And Money Savvy

Summer is just around the corner. And that means staying in bed days, pool days, and more time to yourself. It also means it’s time for a holiday. But with not a lot of money around and Covid still threatening travel plans, many of us are opting for a staycation. 

If you’re looking to spend less time on the road and get a little more local, a staycation is where you stay at home instead of travelling. And staying in one place also allows you to explore the surroundings that you forget are amazing. If you’re looking for a cheap and stylish way to do so, check out this list of ideas for a UK staycation on a budget!

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  1. Plan Your Journey Ahead Of Time

One of the best parts of a UK staycation is that you get to plan it yourself. You can plan your journey and research the places you want to visit beforehand. That way, you don’t have to stress finding things to do or places to go during your stay. You can even plan your visit around local festivals or special events. 

You can also plan for food and drink expenses. If you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb with kitchen privileges, stock up on snacks. For meals, look into eating near your accommodations. You can also plan ahead by making a grocery list, so you don’t have to spend money on snack food during your stay.

  1. Stay Local

There’s nothing better about a staycation than staying around your local haunt. If you love the idea of staying in, but you also love to explore, try renting a bike or scooter and exploring your town or neighbourhood. Be safe, but be creative and see your city in a way that you might not have done before. You can also take public transportation if it’s an option where you’re staying.

If you’re staying at a bed and breakfast, hostel, or hotel, ask if they have a guest menu. This means that you can order from the restaurant or bar menu below your accommodations and get a delicious meal or drink without having to pay full price. There are also plenty of options that don’t include hotels. In the UK, we’re excellent at camping and caravanning with style. So head to Park Holidays UK for inspiration for your next caravan holiday. 

  1. Visit A Museum

If museums are your thing, then a UK staycation is a great way to go. You can also pop into a museum on your day off and explore the surrounding area. If you like visiting art galleries and museums, check out the National Gallery in London, which has works by famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh, and Tate Modern. There’s nothing more stylish than strolling around an art gallery nursing a good coffee. 

If you love history, you can also visit the Museum of London and the Churchill War Rooms. If you love nature, the British Museum has a lot of unique ancient artefacts that will inspire you. 

  1. Go Sightseeing

If you love travelling and have a favourite place to visit, you can still experience that in a UK staycation. And if you live in the UK, it’s often the case that you overlook amazing places purely because you see them all the time. 

So go on a day trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, like the London Eye, Stonehenge, or the beach. You can also go on a day trip exploring your hometown, like visiting a museum, a museum and botanic garden, a winery, a brewery, a winery, a brewery, or a nature park.  

  1. Bring Your Walking Shoes

Take your walking shoes, because you can easily explore your town or visit nearby attractions on foot. Of course, you can also explore by bike and scooter, which is cheaper and way more fun than a car.

Walking shoes are particularly handy in the UK because there are plenty of excellent sights to see off the beaten track. Take your staycation as an opportunity to explore places you’ve never been. You might even snap some Instagram worthy sights. 

Image by Gabriela Palai via Pexels


A UK staycation is where you stay at home instead of travelling. It’s a great way to see your hometown, explore your surroundings, and make the most of your time. And there are plenty of amazing destinations in the UK. From the bustling capital city, London, to the calm beaches found in Cornwall. 

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