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Main Beach, Queensland : Things To See and Do For Families

Picture by Pixabay from Pexels – CC0 Licence

For a trip with excitement, delicious food, beautiful scenery, and excellent accommodation, Main Beach in Queensland, Australia has it all. 

Main Beach is perhaps one of the most striking pieces of scenery you’ll ever see. With the central beach stretching an impressive fifty-seven kilometres along the Gold Coast. Moreover, beyond the view, Main Beach has much more to offer travellers, such as families, especially if you enjoy beach activities and seafood.

For more information on what to see and do the below guide covers some of the top attractions in Main Beach.

True Blue Fishing

True Blue, which derived out of passion from its founder’s love of boating and fishing in 1997, provides unique and exciting voyages for its customers to catch big fish.

Before your activity begins, True Blue Fishing provides the boat and all the necessary equipment you’ll need. Plus, at least two professional and experienced guides, that shall take you, your family, or group of friends, out to deep-sea fishing charters, to explore the waters and catch some fishes. 

While you’re transported out into the big blue, there’s lots of picture-taking opportunities, plus the chance to learn a much-needed survival skill – fishing. 

Picture by Jess Vide from Pexels – CC0 Licence

If you like the idea of being whisked away to some of the best spots for observing and catching fish, you can rely on True Blue Fishings deckhands and skippers to take you there.

Go Surfing

Can you ever really holiday in Australia, without plucking up the courage to take up what’s considered one of most Australians’ favourite pastimes? Somethings you have to try at least once, and if you love thrills, adventure, and the ocean, surfing is undoubtedly one of them. If you think you might be able to catch a wave, why not book into one of the Main Beaches many surfing schools, such as Get Wet Surf School, or First Wave. 

Of course, different times of day present different waves for surfers to ride. Surfing schools extend their schedules to accommodate the waves, to provide ample opportunities for new surfers, in particular, to take hold of a great wave.

During your activity, each surfing school provides the gear you’ll need to begin your lesson. Depending on the skill set of the attendees, the surfing instructor shall adapt the class accordingly to beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers. Whichever level you may be, you’ll be practising in the deep end, from day one. 

Sea World 

The Sea World in Main Beach is a magical place with plenty of activities and sightseeing to suit all generations. The resort includes an aquarium, with some of the world’s favourite, and most intelligent sea mammals, dolphins! And an oceanarium, allowing you to view the ocean from underwater, without the risk of getting wet. You’ll stand on one side of a secure pane of glass, and the sea animals shall flutter and swerve around and between one another the other side for you to watch, and take pictures. 

If, on the other hand, you’re more than happy to get wet, you can also try your hand at snorkelling. Otherwise, if fast and fun rides are more your thing, Sea World hosts its own theme park.

Omeros Brothers 

You can’t go to Main Beach in Queensland without sampling authentic Australian seafood. 

If you’re planning on treating you and your family to some luxury in Australia, choose a high-end restaurant such as Omeros Brothers. 

Located on the Marina Mirages (luxury shopping complex) boardwalk, while dining at Omeros Brothers, you can expect to be surrounded by the luxury interior. With the additional benefit of picturesque views of the waterfront.

Delicious seafood, and for dining, which sets the bar in providing delicious seafood that shall impress all of your guests. 

Marina Mirage

As briefly mentioned above, Marina Mirage is a shopping complex on the Gold Coast, which consists of up-market boutiques.

Conveniently situated on the waterfront, while strolling through the Marina Mirage from boutiques to cafes and your chosen restaurant, you can take in the phenomenal views. The vibrant atmosphere of the Marina boasts a popular spot for tourists and residents to sample the glamorous shopping complex and delicious cuisine. 

Maldives Resort 

For a modern, contemporary setting, with a warm welcome, opt to book the Maldives Resort. The accommodation on offer is apartments, equipped with self-catering facilities. 

The Maldives Resort is best suited to people, such as couples and families, who enjoy the quiet life. And when and your travel companions are not out at the Marina indulging in new and exciting activities, you can chill at the Maldives Resorts pristine pool.

For a modern, contemporary setting, with a warm welcome, and amazing balcony views, take a look at the Maldives Resort. The added advantage is that all attractions mentioned throughout this guide are within a reasonable distance from the resort. 

Federation Walk Coastal Reserve

If you enjoy walking or biking, the coastal reserve is a place you must allocate time to explore. The Federation Walk Coastal Reserve provides multiple nature trails for people to walk through and take in some of Australia’s wildlife, particularly birds, their habitats, and the beautiful greenery. The reserve entails 70 hectares of unspoiled land and vegetation against a shoreline which spans at least three kilometres. 

Planning where you will go and what you’ll do before you fly to Australia is all a part of the fun. Hopefully, the above hotspots should have given you some inspiration for where you and your family might like to visit. To gauge more information on the above places, take a look at each business’s Google reviews and Tripadvisor.

Also, be mindful that most of the attractions and places above are incredibly popular amongst residents and tourists. To ensure you can visit the places you’re interested in, book your ticket, table or boat in advance to avoid disappointment.

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