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Going For Gold With Your Family Adventure Holiday

Activity holidays can be the best. They certainly make for an immersive travel experience complete with plenty of lessons and natural scenery along the way. And, when you have a family in tow, those benefits and more can seem like a pressing reason to get stuck in.

Indeed, some of the best family vacations have started on an activity footing. What better way to keep the kids engaged while still sneaking in a few crucial lessons throughout? Before you know it, they’ll be keeping fit, having fun, and never once complaining about boredom as you try to enjoy the sun!

The only trouble is that, as many parents realise too late, family activity offerings don’t lead to automatic success. In fact, failure to think about where you’re going or why could lead to frustration, inappropriate settings, and a holiday that flops like no other. 

Fear not, though, because we’ve put together a list of considerations to help you get family activity trips right every single time. 

Consider age ranges

First, consider the age ranges of your family. If you’re taking kids under five, for instance, something like an extreme adventure trip might not be appropriate. Equally, kids that are 15+ are never going to enjoy simplistic activities aimed at younger kids. Make sure, then, that you’re always looking at age-appropriate options that will be fun for you and your youngsters alike. If in doubt, shop around and speak to resort advisors. They’ll be able to let you know whether their offerings will be a good fit for your entire family or not. 

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Cater for all capabilities

You also need to make sure that you’re catering for capabilities across the board. Young kids, especially, will need access to easy slopes during things like ski holidays. You may even find that your partner prefers access to gentle options while you and the kids hit the high stakes. Either way, seeking opportunities that cater for all is vital. This is easy enough for skiing, where ski holidays Val Thorens and other such options offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced slopes. Even if you’re heading away for something like a more gentle golf-based holiday, though, looking at courses ahead of time ensures you aren’t alienating one family member without meaning to. 

Always take a break

It’s also vital to note that not everyone will want to get stuck in with the same activity every day of. Kids have short attention spans, after all, and older relatives might need recovery time before they can get active again. With that in mind, it’s always worth making sure to plan a day-on day-off rota, that allows for plenty of downtime, as well as getting the blood pumping on activity days. This way, you stand a much better chance at accounting for everyone’s tastes and keeping those smiles beaming the whole holiday long. 

Make no mistake about it, family activity holidays are fantastic. Rest assured, though, that you can make them even better by following these simple pointers along the way.

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