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Australia: Coogee to Bondi Walk

We were fast running out of time in Sydney, but we knew that the walk from Coogee to Bondi walk was one that we were not going to miss.

A Great Australian Hangover Cure, Coogee to Bondi walk

After a heavy night it was an early start and short bus ride from Newtown to Coogee.  The number 370 takes you through Eskinville,  Alexandria, Zetland, Kensington and Randwick before finally turning left onto the beach front at Coogee, about half an hour after you board.  There are no shortage of buses or trains to take you to Bondi-Junction from either location if you want to do the walk from other places.

The East Coastal Walk is clearly signposted from Coogee, and you walk down the beach front and climb up to the parkland on the rocky head past the Rock Pool Swimming pool at the edge of the beach.

It is here that we see the first of many tributes and commemorative structures to those Australians that died in the Bali bombings of 2002.  Given that Kuta, where the bombings took place, is a magnet for surfers from Australia it must have affected the inhabitants of this surf coastline significantly.  The remembrance tributes for the local community range from plaques listing the names of those that perished, to formal artworks and the Bondi graffiti wall that runs along the beach front.

Here you get beautiful views back down the Coogee coast.  From this lofty position you can see the azure, coral and cobalt colours of the sea as it washes ashore to the beach or laps around the rocks 150ft below.

It is at this point that you realise you will not be alone on this walk as it is a really popular jogging track for the locals.  Many of who we met twice as they passed us and returned at great speed while we were puffing and panting on the inclines or up the steps.

The route then takes you on to what has to be the most perfect site as your final resting place,  Waverley Cemetery.  This  is perched on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Pacific and is a stunning and serene location,  if a rather sombre sight as you turn round the corner.  It must be every surfers dream to be laid to rest here.

There is a beautiful lookout just past the cemetery which allows you a stunning view back to the cemetery and the route you have already walked.  The inlet there is also popular with the surfers so we had a rest for a short while and watched the surfers in action and snapped a few pics.

It is then on past Bronte with its sweeping beach. This was probably my favourite along the route.   The last place before Bondi was Tamarama, which seems to be popular with volleyball players so we watched their game for a few minutes before passing on through to the final stop of Bondi.

The route in from this walk provides you with a stunning spectacle especially if, as in our case, this is the first time you have been to Bondi.   You can see why it is, along with Manly, one of Sydney’s most hallowed beaches.  It’s long and deep and if that were not enough it has the famous Icebergs swimming pool perched on one end just to add that little bit more  cachet to its reputation.  Visitors are welcome to pop and have a swim and a sauna at the very reasonable rate of AUS$5.

With that we descended the final steps and took the path down to Bondi and soaked up some of the Bondi beauties and had a leisurely stroll along the beach before deciding that as we didn’t surf, nor possess bodies that would cut the mustard on Bondi we headed back to town to explore the Bridge Pylon.

I would recommend anyone that comes ot Sydney to do this walk.  It is not over strenuous, although in the heat you need regular stops to cool down and take on water.  This is made much easier by the provision of filtered drinking water fountains regularly along the route by the local council.  These were a welcome addition to the supplies we had brought.  They also provide outdoor exercise benches along the route too, but we didn’t feel it necessary to partake of those.

Its about 6- 7km in length, depending which guide/website you read and it took us just over 2hrs from the centre of Coogee beach to the centre of Bondi, that was with a few stops along the way to snack, drink and ogle the surfers/volleyball players admire the views.

Bondi seems to be a top evening party destination with local “Sydneysiders” but alas we are just a little bit too old to join in.   Although, based on some of the old “sun-kissed” hippy types we saw hanging around the beach – maybe not! Make the Coogee to Bondi walk part of your itinerary when in Australia.


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  1. Karen says:

    Good read and enjoyed the photos I would love to swim in that swimming pool overlloking the beach and sea. I hope you are not just walking the beach to ogle the surfers and volley ball players 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    I will be visiting Bondi beach in a few short weeks! This post has made me so excited for it. It looks absolutely stunning there! can’t wait! Nice photos!