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Emotions, Lists and Packing

Today’s post is brought to you by lists, emotions and packing


Are you a list person?  I am.

I like lists…

Actually that is a lie, what I actually really like is crossing things off  lists when they get done.

I get a deep sense of satisfaction from having achieved something as you swipe the pen across the completed task or head for that line through formatting button in your chosen editor. I have been known at times to even write something on a list and then immediately complete the task and then cross it off.   It didn’t really need to even get on the list, but I just couldn’t resist the high of crossing it off.


Planning to leave your old life behind, for a while, has presented us with plenty of opportunity for feeding this mild obsession of mine.  In the space of six months we have

  • emptied our home
  • arranged for it to be rented
  • sold our villa in France
  • changed bank accounts
  • sold off most of our possessions, things we no longer need
  • decided on a rough itiniterary to get us around the world by not missing the things we want to see
  • and finally wrote the most important list of all,  the packing list for what will become our entire world for the forseeable future

See what I did there – another list…


So here it is, our whole list of things that, along with some money, ingenuity and a bit of luck will sustain us for the next year or so.  I am sure among these carefully chosen items we will find things we really do not need to lug around with us and will no doubt  acquire others along the way, but the reality of  transporting this with us on our backs should temper any shopping urges John or I may have. .   There was a ‘test pack’ event held the other evening, which helped us refine this list down to what we really need and the images of this momentous event are shown below the lists.  We’ve now arrived on a decision (give or take a few t-shirts) and this is what we’re taking …



Tecchy Travel Stuff

Netbook laptop
Lumix Camera
Flip Camera
Waterproof Camera
Mifi Unit
John iPhone
MicroSD and SD Cards
Ipad battery booster
HD lead for Ipad
HDMi cable
Gorilla tripod
Plug converters
3 gang travel plug
RecoveryBackup for laptop
8Gb USB sticks
Micro SD converter
Car USB adapter
Laptop charger
Plug Apple
Mifi charger
3 way adaptor
Waterproof camera case
Network lead
Multi USB socket
Spare camera batteries
Camera battery chargers
Micro SD card reader



Odds n Sods

Swiss army knife
Packing bags
Small roll gaffer tape
Nail Clippers
Hair Clippers and charger
Travel towels
Head/Wind up torches
Resealable (ziplock) bags
Small cup flasks
Antibiotics - diclofenac, antiseptic
Dental floss
Padlocks/steel wire for rucksacks
Business cards
Sun cream
Inflatable pillow
Hang up toiletary bag
55L and 50 L Main Rucksacks
2 X 20L Day sacks
Contact Lenses




Three T-Shirts
Two trousers
Two shorts
Five undies
Five socks
Flip flops
Lightweight rain jackets
Two long sleeve shirts
Swimming trunks


Spare ID Photos
International Driving Permit
UK Driving Licence
Credit/Debit Cards




Its now just over a week till we set off.  Finally, our emotion chips are booting up and we are finding we’re both experiencing a range of emotions

  • Sadness (about missing family and friends)
  • Excitement (about what lies ahead)
  • Worry (in case I have missed anything of any of the lists we have in circulation at present) (Craig only – John not much of a worrier)
  • Doubt (this one pops in now and again, but is swiftly batted aside)

Each one of these little buggers tries to nudge its way to forefront of your thoughts at any given time.  We expect over the next week, as we begin to finally say goodbye to family, friends work colleagues that we expect to feel all of these in more powerful ways, no doubt with quite a few tears along the way, mostly from me.  However, we will  keep focussed on why we are doing this and most importantly how fortunate we are to have this opportunity.

Finally, a few people keep asking what I  am most looking forward to about the trip and I think at this point in time there really is only one answer,  not having the need to make another list for quite a while and get on with traveling?


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  1. Helen says:

    LOVE how the techy list is longest of all! I bet you can trim some of that down, yo x

  2. Sophie says:

    Nice one but I was trying to get in it.

    Going to miss you

    Love sophie