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The first few days in Bali

Sashaying to Sanur

Arrived to a beautiful sunset (see earlier pic) and I managed to grab a shot of it with my iphone, hence its poor quality. That was a nice touch and thank you for arranging that God I am glad you got my e-mail in time. If you want to arrange special sunsets on arrival at your next holiday simply send an e-mail to

Getting through immigration and passport control, at Denpasar Bali Airport, was fine if a little laboured – lots forms to fill and then get in queue and let the stamping begin. The first queue we joined we abandoned very quickly, I spotted that the Chinese Airline Checkers mob were at the front and I was scared they may be devising a new game.

Nice Airport transfer, very unlike trips into major cities this one. It did not involve motorways or city rush hours and was therefore at a much more sedentary pace. I love these type of transfers and even more so when they are at night (its that lights thing again!). They take you through all the small towns and villages on the way to the resort and allow you begin to observe the locals doing just what they do. The little shack shops by the road, the street sellers and the groups gathered on corners discussing the days events. Lets you get an early feel of the place. Things of minor note observed on the transfer

Bali Roundabout Art

Bali Roundabout Art

Roundabout Decoration – now I know our Councils have a go at this with a few marigolds and pansies , and sometimes a nice sign like “KeepITDry Incontinence Co. is proud to sponsor Ramsbottom’s Roundabouts”. But the Balinese do this in a BIG way. They comprise of Hindu deities sculptures- lots of elephants n stuff but the sculptures are just enormous and absolutely beautiful. I have found an image of the one we saw not far from the airport.

McDonalds – Not very interesting you might think given that they are just about everywhere now, but guess what, my little Sunday morning McDonald Breakfast Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin fans (it can’t just be me can it). They have special service here called McDelivery. How unbelievable is that, they actually deliver to your door. No driving to the drive thru and being told to go and wait in the Grill Order parking space while some spotty kid shuffles over ten minutes later with your cold food, which when you get home and open it, is in fact someone else’s order.

I am officially sulking now as I have been waiting Maccy D’s and KFC to see the light and start delivering in the UK and the Balinese have beaten us to it. I feel a strongly worded e-mail to Ronald and Mr Sanders coming on as soon as I have posted this blog.

Mc Delivery

Mc Delivery – how dare they

First Few Days of Bali

We arrived at dusk and so we dumped our stuff did a spot of light unpacking and then headed off to explore Sanur. Well a quick walk up and down the main drag till we found a Bar that had wi-fi (or wiffy as they pronounce it here). So we settled in to the beers and had my first Indonesian nosh. A noodly seafood thing that was a tasty little number, and helped to soak the beer that was to follow. Then the Band came on!!

Well to be fair they weren’t that bad and a few grades up from the local turns I have been known to sit and watch at the Labour club in days gone by. Amazingly, as we drank more they got much much better – they obviously just needed the time to warm up properly!

The Hotel

Hotel Image

Our digs in Sanur

We chose this after much research on Trip Advisor – after our trendy hotels we thought if we are going to Bali we wanted to stay in a traditional one, so this is the best of that type we could find in Sanur. Its small and friendly and serves the most fantastically presented breakfast I have ever had, not of the big buffet types at which I always overstuff myself. Fresh fruit up first; many of which I haven’t a clue what they were but all tasted good and then home made bread ham n eggs n Honey – yummy mummy. I am going to try the Balinese breakfast when I feel brave enough (it is described as Chicken Porridge on the menu).

Hotel Pool

It was intentionally green

Bali people – The staff and people are very friendly and do it in a natural way. In our wander out last night even the policemen said a hello and good evening.

The policemen here at night have large red glow sticks and whistles, I watched them waving and blowing for a few minutes. (I have just re-read that and it can be interpreted in many ways, I didn’t mean it like that honest). However, as yet I cannot actually work out what or whom they were waving or whistling at? I shall investigate further …

Doing mostly nothing and I like it

The Beach – it is soooooo peaceful – no, jetskis, no paragliders, no continuous replays of the same CD of music that the barman likes (in fact no music at all unless I choose to put my earphones in my ears) and best of all no frigging Russians (I may well write a blog devoted to my experiences of the nouveau riche of Russia on holiday at a later date. Trust me check first whether the Ruskies like where you are going before you book!) .

You will see from the picture of the abandoned whale on the left just how quiet.  Chatting to the hotel owner this morning (he is Belgian, but sadly does not resemble Hercule Poirot in any way which saddens me) we are here at the quietest time just before the Christmas rush which is ace.

I’m Famous  – John got settled into the sunbeds and I got a bit fidgety – those that know me will be aware that I can’t even sit still without jigging my leg or flicking my pen round my fingers so will know that for me to sit still on a sunbed for more than 20 minutes is a major achievement. So I decided to take a walk down the beach and back to try and burn off some beer and holiday food calories – I warn you the svelte Craig which you have all come to know and love over the last few months is fast disappearing – picture evidence to your left!.

On my way back as I got close to our patch of Bali beach I hear a nice little Balinese woman shouting “Hello Graig how are you” (they don’t do the C sound very well you see) – I thought what the fuck, has news of this scintillating blog found its way to Bali already?

Sadly nothing so exciting, she had been chatting to John about her massage services (“I give very good massage”) and she wanted to know the name of “your friend” and John duly obliged – bastard! She is now my beach friend….

Sea with man apparently walking


John sees Jesus– Not long after “I give good massage” left us I was settling in the shade, reading my book when John says look out there is a man walking on the water. I looked and true enough about 250M from the shore there was a man walking across the water. I waited holding my breath for the seas to part and the heavens to open as my own epiphany took place. Sadly none of these things happened. Instead, I noticed that the waves were breaking at about the same point in the sea as he was “walking on water” . It turns out there is a Reef there.   If you too want this messianic experience click on the picture on the right and look very closely.

Hot Hotter Hotter– we have holidayed in India, Mexico and Israel at this time of year (well just get them two, resort dropping like that who do they think they are!) and we thought that those places were hot but by Jesus it this is off the scale here. Yes there is a breeze blowing off the water but it has about the same effect on my body temperature as dropping an ice cube into a red hot bath. I managed about an hour before I had to retreat under the parasol. That evening, an examination in the mirror I am still the shade of lobster on  my head and back.More shade for me tomorrow.

Right toodle pip hope everything is fine and dandy at home – can’t even be arsed watching the news here so Gino Di Campo could be Prime Minister as well as King by now for all I know.

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