Our Round the World Route

If you’ve been following our journey from the start, you will have seen the markers on the map increase as we travel to new destinations around the world.  This is a feature that we update regularly as we trek around the globe in search of new adventures. We left the UK in 2011 with a one way ticket to Australia after taking a career break.  Its now 2013 and we have visited over 20 different countries so far, with no plans to stop travelling yet.

If you are planning your own RTW trip, or just want information about a specific destination, country or region that we have visited then you’ll hopefully find this map a useful travel resource.   This interactive  map charts the countries we’ve visited and outlines the route we’ve taken.  You can also use the map to share our experiences of a particular location by clicking on the red destination pin which will allow you to read the blog posts for that specific place.  You can hover over a pin to give you the title of the blog post for that location first.  You can also zoom in and out of the map to focus on a particular area, region or country  to make viewing posts for a particular destination clearer.

The Journey

After leaving the UK and touring around Australia, we spent a month driving across New Zealand’s north and south islands in a campervan.  We both fell totally in love with New Zealand and would highly recommend that people try and get to visit this amazing country. It was then off to Asia, as we sampled some of  the Philippines’ beautiful beaches, before flying off to Japan in time to witness the annual cherry blossom festivities.  We then travelled around most of the countries in South East Asia including Myanmar.  We were fortunate enough to be able to visit China and see all the iconic places we’d seen on documentaries and in films.  We took 3 months to tour India where there are still many places we didn’t manage to see, our visa ran out before we got to them.  We spent three weeks in Sri Lanka before visiting Dubai and Turkey.  We are now busy blogging about what Europe has to offer us in terms of travelling on a low-cost budget.  As part of this trip we also plan to visit South and Central America, as well as exploring more of Africa, after that we’re not quite sure yet.

So How Much Does It Cost To Travel Around the World in 2013?

As we travel on a long-term basis with no full-time income from work, we do have to make sure our savings last for as long as possible.  We try and find the low cost solutions to meet our travel requirements, but these are not always the cheapest, that’s why we refer to ourselves as ‘flashpackers’.   We now include information relating to prices and costs to help others plan their travel budgets.  We haven’t had time yet to do a breakdown of exactly where and how much we’ve spent, but is something we plan to do and share here.

Travel Itinerary and Trip Planning

If you’re not really a map person and want to look at some of our other posts you can click on the destination categories which are listed at the top of the page.  We’ve also created a few world itineraries for specific countries like Burma, South Korea and Sri Lanka based on the routes we took.

We created this travel blog, just before the start of our trip, to keep people updated about our whereabouts, the places we’d visited and to give an idea of the things we were getting up to.  However, as time has progressed we realised that this was a useful tool for others who travel independently and want information.  You can see our posts have become a little more professional including more details relating to travel costs and tips on how to get from one place to another.    If you find our travel posts useful or you would like to share any of your own experiences, please leave a comment.

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