Photo Flashback – Kyoto: Geisha and Hanami

April 29, 20132 Comments

One year ago we were beginning our tour of Japan, one of the more expensive, yet most rewarding destinations we have visited.  It was Spring and we were there at this time by choice hoping to understand why cherry blossom season is such an important time of year in the Japanese calendar.  We had made […]

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Flashpacking Travels in Japan & Tokyo

April 28, 20123 Comments

We were woefully under prepared for our visit to Japan. Arriving from the Philippines, we’d spent our last day in Manila running round malls trying to extract as much cash as possible from as many different ATM’s to obtain our Japanese rail passes, cash only! We just about managed to pull it off, but it […]

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Yudanaka: Onsen, Ryokan and Snow Monkeys

April 20, 20123 Comments

We were getting a little travel weary from our Japanese explorations, not that we were bored, it’s just our ageing muscles we’re throbbing from the long hours of walking and hiking that we’d been enjoying.   We decided a couple of days recuperation and relaxation were in order, before we headed back to Tokyo to complete our visit […]

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Kanazawa, Shirakawa-go and Takayama

April 16, 20122 Comments

In our last travel blog post, we visited some amazing Japanese temples and experienced the annual cherry blossom spectacular. In this update, we decided to travel into the countryside so we set off  in direction of the Japanese Alps.   We would be traveling to Kanazawa by train then by local buses through the mountains to Shinikawa-go before ending up […]

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Japanese Kindness in Kyoto & Nara

April 14, 20122 Comments

Having looked at the price of accommodation in Kyoto and Nara (staying overnight in either of these places is nearly double the price of cheap digs available in Osaka) we decided that Osaka would be our base for the next few days as we explored a bit more of the Kansai region. With our Japan […]

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