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Top 5 Drinking Destinations For Your Next Holiday

Top 5 Drinking Destinations For Your Next Holiday

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There are many reasons why several Brits travel. Statistics show that about 65% use travelling to relax. But others travel to see and explore new sights and immerse themselves in different cultures. If you like to enjoy a little sip or two during your holidays, why not use this summer as an opportunity to explore some of the best drinking destinations in the world? Various countries across the world are well-known for their quality drinks and drinking traditions. Additionally, you can learn more about them by visiting their popular watering holes. That is if you’ll be able to remember them! Here are the best drinking destinations you should consider for the perfect holiday this summer.

  1. Scotland 

No other place on earth has the best whiskey than Scotland. After all, that’s where this classic drink originated. This beautiful country has 5 different whiskey regions: Lowland, Highland, Speyside, Campbelltown, and Islay. Each of these regions has unique whiskey flavours that set them apart. 

The whiskey industry is a big deal in the United Kingdom, accounting for nearly a quarter of its food and drinks exports. You wouldn’t be at a loss for choice during your trip to Scotland. These regions offer amazing tours, where you can sample some of the finest whiskey the country produces. If you’re up for a little education, you can visit The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society in Edinburgh or Glasgow to learn more about whiskey. 

  1. Mexico

Mexico is known for its iconic drink, tequila. However, an hour from Guadalajara is the beautiful town of Tequila, where some of the world’s best tequila samples are made. Your taste buds will thank you when you drink straight from the source. There are so many activities to engage in during your visit to Tequila. You can see firsthand how the iconic drink is produced from the agave fields to the final products. Several active distilleries also provide tours to travellers and can be an eye-opening experience. Don’t forget to visit some of the town’s best foods. Of course, you can end your dinner with a shot of tequila. 

  1. Italy

If you’ve got Italy in your plans, the first thing you have to do when you arrive is to head to Florence for the best wines. Luckily for you, many family-operated wineries are more than happy to welcome foreigners and visitors interested in trying out the best samples. 

The views the city offers are truly magnificent! Imagine taking a walk around a beautiful vineyard while sipping some of the world’s best wines. Fortunately, you can explore such beautiful locations through dedicated tours such as the Florence Wine Tours. You can also find several stands scattered across this stunning Italian city where you can sip on a glass of wine. It will help if you combine your wine tasting with some of Florence’s amazing cuisine for the best results. 

  1. Singapore

There are so many reasons why Singapore is one of the best tourist destinations worldwide, including being one of the best drinking travel spots. It wasn’t named the best city for alcohol in 2016 for nothing! You can’t go wrong if you plan your drinking trip to this intriguing Asian country. The island is filled with bars that offer some of the capital’s breathtaking views, and you have a wide range to visit, from dive bars to swanky cocktail bars. It’s of little surprise that Singapore is the perfect location for cocktail lovers. While there, head over to Alleybar, which has some of the world’s most unique cocktails that come in vibrant colours and are extremely delicious. If you’re a bit of a photographer, you can get some lovely shots of your cocktails to share online. 

  1. Poland

Most people think that vodka originated from Russia. But Poland begs to differ. While the origins of vodka haven’t been fully established, Poland remains one of the best destinations to enjoy this drink. You can do so many vodka-related activities when you visit Poland. Your first step should be Sandomierz, where vodka is believed to have begun. This town has a beautiful castle and museums, perfect for history lovers. Head to Poland’s capital, Warsaw, to visit the Vodka Museum. You can also visit Warsaw’s numerous bars for some amazing vodka shots. 

Whatever your drinking preference, there is something for everyone in every country. Whether for a unique cocktail or a classic whisky, you will have a wonderful time. There are other destinations worth checking out, but these tips should give you a useful start.

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