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Cool Things to do in Naples

Cool Things to do in Naples

If you are traveling to Naples in southern Italy then you are in for a treat. The word ‘Naples’ translates to ‘new city’ in Ancient Greek, which is where it received its name. Despite this, Naples is actually filled with some old buildings and historic sites, like the catacombs running under the city which date way back to the 3rd century. 

There are so many reasons why Lisbon is a fantastic city. For example, did you know that this is also where pizza was created in the 19th century? It is also situated next to the famed Mount Vesuvius, which is the volcano that erupted over Pompeii back in 79 AD.

Naples is Italy’s third biggest city so there is definitely lots to do, from sightseeing to tasting new foods or discovering art galleries. If you really want to make your vacation in Naples one to remember then you should fill your schedule with all of the best activities, and you can keep reading to learn about the coolest things to do in this city. 

Traveler tip: You won’t want anything holding you back from exploring every inch of the city, which is why you should keep your backpacks and heavy bags in a suitcase locker in Naples.
  • Visit the Ruins of Pompeii

Almost everyone has heard the story of Pompeii, the ancient city that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption and covered in ashes. The town is situated within Naples so if you want to visit this historic area in person then this is your chance. Many of the city’s old structures and buildings are surprisingly well preserved, like the theater or the unique brothel. 

If you have seen any pictures or heard stories about the eruption that covered Pompeii in ash you probably imagine the town’s citizens who were caught in the disaster. If you visit a place called the Garden of the Fugitives you can see 13 individual figures of people covered in ash. It is a really cool way to spend a day in Naples.

  • Walk Through the Ancient Catacombs

In total there are three different sets of catacombs under Naples; the San Severo, San Gennaro and San Gaudioso catacombs. Each of them is unique and taking a journey down their steps and through the tunnels are one of the coolest things to do in the city. The San Gennaro catacombs, for example, have an impressive 3000 burial sites over two levels that you can explore. Although the catacombs are located 100 steps underground you won’t feel too cramped, since the ceilings of the tunnels are arched and stand at 6 feet tall. 

Fun fact; the lower floor is where the common citizens and less wealthy people of Naples would have been buried, and the upper level holds bishops and higher members of society. There is also some well preserved Christian art in the catacombs since they stem from another ancient Christian tomb.
  • Climb the Mount Vesuvius Volcano

One of Naples’ most famous and also most interesting sites is the Mount Vesuvius volcano itself. It has proved itself to be quite deadly after the eruption destroying Pompeii and another nearby city called Herculaneum, but volcanoes are not active all of the time. Vesuvius performed its most recent eruption in 1944 and has since laid dormant, so if you feel brave enough you can actually take a hike to its peak. 

This is an awesome activity and also a great way to catch some views of the city below. If you begin your trek at the Vesuvius Park it will not take you long to reach the top, or you have the option of grabbing a bus ride to the summit. However, we recommend catching a guided tour to the top so you can learn about the volcano as you hike it.

  • Visit the Erotic Art Museum of Gabinetto Segreto

Sexuality is a topic that was widely explored in Roman art, probably more so than you would expect. If you are interested in this topic then you should definitely visit the Gabinetto Segreto, an art gallery housing unique and erotic art scavenged from the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. 

After these items were collected they were actually closed off from the public in 1849, especially to women and young citizens. It was only in 2000 that these artworks were allowed to be seen by the general public and in 2005 they were given their own gallery. Today you can see them at the Naples National Archaeology Museum if you make an appointment at the front desk.

  • See Maria Amalia of Saxony’s Porcelain Boudoir

Another cool thing to do in Naples, Italy is to visit the Porcelain Boudoir, which is a room covered entirely in porcelain! It follows a rococo style and is quite impressive to see in person as well as one of the best examples of Italian porcelain and craftsmanship. The room dates back to the mid 18th century and was commissioned by Maria Amalia of Saxony, who was the Queen of Naples at the time. 

Many artists came together to finish the creation, and in total there are about 3000 pieces of porcelain covering the walls and ceiling. You can now visit this amazing room which was dismantled and reconstructed at the Royal Palace of Capodimonte. Queen Maria Amalia only got to enjoy it for a short time since she soon moved to Madrid with her husband when he became the King of Spain. Don’t worry, she commissioned her own replica of the room at her palace after she moved!

Naples is an incredible city filled with charm and personality but also bursting with history and stories to tell. It’s not hard to find something interesting to do while you are here and these are only some of the cool things that Naples has to offer its visitors. Make the most of your time in this incredible Italian city by doing all of the things that interest you the most!

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