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8 Reasons Why Sardinia Should Be Next in Your Holiday Plans

Looking for a new place to call your home away from home? It can often take a few visits to really find that one holiday destination that you could visit year after year and never get bored of. We believe that Sardinia is one of the perfect candidates for this, so if you’re planning a getaway abroad, here are our reasons why it should be in your next holiday plans.

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1. Beautiful climate and amazing weather

One of the biggest draws to Sardinia is the 6-month summer that they get. This is an amazing opportunity for you to escape to a beautiful and sunny destination for your holiday where you’re virtually guaranteed to have a warm and relaxing holiday. So if you’re tired of weather ruining your holiday, Sardinia is the place to be.

2. Explore ancient Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the few places on earth where you can see ancient civilizations as they were thousands of years ago. There are many unique stone huts that you can explore, and there’s a lot of historical architecture to marvel at as well. If you want a holiday destination with a lot of things to discover, then consider coming to Sardinia. It’s got a rich history and there are plenty of locations to explore once you drag yourself away from the sunny beaches.

3. Rural Sardinia

When you go on holiday to the Mediterranean, the usual expectation is that you’ll go to beaches, party, and soak in the sun. But for Sardinia, that’s not always the case. There are many rural destinations for you to explore when you come to Sardinia, such as the farm accommodations that can give you a relaxing weekend break away from the major cities. Rural Sardinia is well worth exploring on its own, so if you ever find the time to get away from the usual attractions, we definitely suggest taking a stroll in the countryside and staying a few days.

4. Journey across clear waters

Sardinia is surrounded by clear blue waters, giving you access to countless activities to enjoy on the water. For example, you could try looking for a Sardinia yacht charter to explore the island from the water, or you could book a diving session. You can even rent boats and there’s always surfing to be enjoyed on the beach. There’s no shortage of fun water activities to indulge in, making Sardinia a fantastic holiday location if you don’t want to be stuck on land all week.

5. Can be surprisingly affordable

There are two main reasons why Sardinia can be an affordable location for a holiday; the off-season and direct flights from most of Europe. If you’re already in Europe, then a flight to Sardinia is surprisingly inexpensive. If you want to get into the country during a budget season, then we suggest visiting between September and May. You might sometimes get cheaper flights during the tail end of August as well. If you search during these times, you’ll be surprised at how affordable a stay in Sardinia can be.

6. An amazing camping destination

If camping is your thing then you’ll be happy to learn that Sardinia makes for a brilliant camping destination. There are many campsites located near beaches, making it a convenient place for you to wind down after a night of partying or a day of surfing. You can also explore all of the beautiful landscapes across Sardinia and choose one of the many campsites that are further inland. If you love exploring the great outdoors, then Sardinia is a place that you shouldn’t miss out on.

7. Different from Italy

Sardinia is also surprisingly different from Italy. The two places can be similar in some regards, but those that have been to Sardinia will always mention that the experience is a little different. The culture has a couple of unique differences, the history is different, and even the cuisine can feel completely different.

8. Delicious food to sample

Two of the biggest culinary attractions to Sardinia are bread and wine. Sardinian bread is known around the world with local favorites such as Pane Carasau, a flat crispy bread, making a name for itself across the island and even the world. There are also world-class wines that won’t disappoint even the pickiest drinkers. Sardinian wines are beautiful and there are specialties such as Cannanou and Vermentino. If you absolutely love wine, then you’ll appreciate the many wine tours that you can find across Sardinia.

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