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Top Tips for a Winter Fishing Trip

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If you’re heading to the shore this winter to fish for carp, you want to make sure you are well prepared, so the trip isn’t a resounding failure. Winter fishing is fun, but it’s a little bit different from fishing at other times of the year. Follow the tips below, and you won’t go far wrong. 

Wrap up warm 

For a fishing trip to be successful, you need patience, but it’s harder to have patience when you’re cold and uncomfortable; that‘s why you need to wrap up warm and wear the right clothing; otherwise, you will be forced to pack up and head home earlier than you expect. 

No matter where you are in the world, the climate will be colder in the winter months, so make sure you’re prepared with base layers, mid-layers and insulated jackets. Also, consider the footwear you intent to wear along with any hats, gloves and scarves.  

Stay sheltered 

Along with warm clothing, you need to consider the wisdom of taking a shelter or a bivvy with you. Of course, there are reasons why people don’t bring these and instead opt for an umbrella or nothing at all; it adds weight, but remember, a shelter can make the difference to the trip. 

These days, shelters are lightweight and easy to erect. They don’t add too much weight to the trip and offer excellent protection from the elements. Along with the correct clothing, a shelter can ensure that your fishing trip is a success and stays comfortable for long hours on the shore.  

Warm food and drink 

When you’re on the shore fishing in the colder seasons, it’s vital to stay comfortable and in high spirits; this simply isn’t possible if you feel cold and hungry. Unfortunately, many people don’t bring food with them – again because of the weight factor. They don’t bring a flask or gas burner. 

To stay warm and content while you fish for carp, it’s a good idea to fill a flask with your favourite consumable. Some people like hot soup, others prefer tea or coffee. Additionally, there’s no need to abandon tinned food; you can now buy compact burners that don’t add much weight.   

Winter fishing bait 

Winter fishing requires a slightly different approach than fishing at other times of the year. In general, the waters are much clearer, meaning that fish use their vision more for hunting and for navigating. To entice fish to feed in the winter, you need to change your Carp Fishing Tackle

The first thing you should do is to drop a hook size to reduce the chances of the hook being visible; you should then use a lighter break strain hook link for the same reason. For bait, you can still use conventional maggots but add some rock salt to them to further entice the fish.  

The right tackle 

Before you decide on your tackle, research the type of fish you catch carefully; many fish species tend to eat less in the winter, so you need to pick the best tackle to improve your chances of success. For example, if you’re fishing for carp, then maggots are still the best. 

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