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Best Fishing Spots Around The World

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If you’re planning on a spot of fishing on your next travel adventure, there are plenty of places around the world to choose from. 

Whether you intend to fish for the duration of your time away or are planning to spend one day of your travels near open water, these are just some of the fishing spots you might consider. 

#1: Lac De Villdeon, France

France is famous for many things, not least the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles. But if you’re looking to escape the touristy areas of the country, it’s worth heading out into the French countryside. There are hiking opportunities aplenty but if you’re looking for somewhere to fish, there are several great lakes too. These include the Lac De Villdeon, which is in the middle of the French countryside just north of Limoges. It’s a stunning lake with around 100 acres of water to fish from and is home to some of the best carp fish you will ever see. Arm yourself with your fishing gear and bait – for carp, we recommend Atlantic Heat Carp Boilies – and enjoy your day surrounded by the hilly landscapes of this wonderful area. 

#2: Boulder Creek, Colorado

There are some great fishing destinations in America, including Key West in Florida and Orange Beach in Alabama. Boulder Creek, which runs through the town of Boulder, is another recommended fishing spot, with an incredibly large number of fish that can be found all year round. Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Channel Catfish are just some of the fish species you will find here. Sadly, no fishing is allowed at the nearby Big Basin Redwoods State Park, the oldest state park in California, but there are many hiking opportunities if you decide to base yourself here on your vacation. 

#3: Melville Island, Australia

Lizard Island and Cairn are two other popular fishing spots in Australia, but Melville Island is the go-to place for many. This remote island at the top of the Northern Territory contains a number of river systems and offshore waters for fishing, where you will find Queenfish, Coral Trout, and Spanish Mackerel. The stunning red cliffs located along the island’s coastline are a great backdrop for your fishing adventure. And as the island is rarely populated with hordes of tourists, you will have all the peace and quiet you need if you’re looking to get away from it all on your Australian vacation. 

#4: Alphonse Island, Seychelles

This island country in North Africa is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including some of the world’s biggest tortoises. There are also 115 islands to explore, including Alphonse Island which is a must-visit if you’re planning on fishing. The island is home to Dogtooth, Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, and a large number of Blue Water fish species. With some incredible views, luxurious accommodation to stay in, and perpetually warm temperatures, this could be your ideal island getaway if you’re visiting the area. 

These are just some of the best fishing spots in the world, so plan your journey if any of them appeal to you. 

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