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Cut Your Expenses, Not Your Experiences

There is no getting around it: traveling is expensive. Whether you do it on a big budget and fancy hotels or travel around in a battered old camper van, it costs money. And, after the year that we have all had – and are continuing to have, in many cases, lots of us have even less money than usual to spend on traveling.

Does that mean that you have to cut corners when it comes to your traveling experience? No, of course, it doesn’t. With a little bit of creativity and some planning and preparation, you can still enjoy a traveling experience that you will never forget, without the big expense.

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Cook more and eat out less

For lots of us, the culinary experience is a huge part of the vacation or trip, and so quite literally eats into the budget. However, you can still enjoy eating and experiencing new foods and dishes while traveling and cut your expenses too. The simple solution is to cook more and eat out less.

Head to the local street markets and stores, and ask the people who live and work in the area what ingredients they recommend and how to cook with them. Most will be more than happy to oblige, and what more authentic way of experiencing the local cuisine than to get in and try making it yourself?

Take entertainment

At some point, whether you are staying in a fancy hotel or a back-to-basics hostel, you quill want some downtime, and that quite often involves the TV. The problem is that the TV in the communal lounge of the hostel or your hotel TV might be limited, in a language you don’t understand, or might cost extra to access. Swerve this by taking your FireStick with you – has some tips for installing a VPN. Pop in a pair of headphones and watch free TV for as long as you have internet access!

Walk or use public transport

It can be tempting to rely on cabs to get from place to place, especially if you have no idea where you are going. However, getting a little lost can sometimes be part of the experience! Save money by walking as much as possible – you will be surprised at just how much you will notice around you when you travel by foot or use public transport to get around. Locals will usually be very happy to point you in the right direction or give you advice. You could even look at hiring a bike and exploring the area that way.

Leave the souvenirs

We often feel obliged to take home souvenirs when we travel for other people, but let’s face it, they are admired for a few minutes before being stuck at the back of the closet forevermore. Instead, invest the money in a decent camera and take pictures of everything and everyone and everywhere. Those memories will last a whole lifetime, rather than a tacky souvenir that no one really wants! 

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