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Genius Hacks For Travelling The Globe When You’re Totally Broke

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If you think you need to have a fortune in the bank to travel the globe, then think again. Amazingly, you can often do it for just a few thousand dollars – and sometimes a lot less. 

Check out these genius hacks for travelling the globe when you’ve got absolutely no money. 

Start House Sitting

Did you know that there are a whole bunch of people out there looking for trustworthy individuals like you to guard their homes while they’re away? 

Well, it turns out that there are. Many holidaymakers don’t like leaving their properties unoccupied, either because they have a lot of valuables or pets. 

Either way, you can profit. It’s easy. You just stay in their home while they’re away and look after their animals, and, in return, you get free board. 

Teach English

Here’s another way to travel the world when you’re dead broke: teach English. 

It’s actually way easier than you think to get the ball rolling on this. There are all sorts of programs out there for people with a college education. And if you go to a developing country, you don’t always need official teacher qualifications. 

Volunteer To Work On A Farm

You can also try volunteering to work on a farm. You spend a few hours harvesting vegetables in the daytime and then a hostel provides you with free board and meals. The pay is non-existent, but you do get all your needs met. Plus, you can do it through official organisations and charities, keeping you safe. 

Go Wild Camping

Wild camping is becoming increasingly popular because of the freedom it gives people. You simply set off with a tent and some food in your backpack and that’s it. 

Wild camping is probably the cheapest of all travelling options. Plus you get to see nature at its finest, well away from the big cities. 

Crowdfund Your Trip

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Sometimes you can actually get crowdfunding for your trip. You hop on a site like Kickstarter and then ask people for money to fund your adventures. In return, you promise them some kind of value, such as providing in-depth information on a location or posting regular videos of your progress. 

Crowdfunding travel is usually easiest for people who already have large social media or blog followings. But there is no reason you couldn’t without one if you have a good enough idea. Just make sure that you inspire people. 

Use Airbnb To Pay For Your Travels

Airbnb is a service people use while travelling. But it’s also a handy tool for making money while you’re away. People could stay in your home while you’re not there, funding your trip. 

Just set up an Airbnb account, fulfil their various terms, and start taking orders. 

Save On Your Phone Bills

Before you even set foot on foreign soil, you need to research how to get cheap data roaming abroad. Not doing so could mean that you wind up paying massive phone bills for all the calls and texts you make to people back home. 

If you’re taking your phone with you while you travel, make sure that you’re on the best deal. If you know data costs are going to be high, use WiFi. Failing that, turn your phone off completely. 

Use Ride Sharing

Getting taxis to take you around on your vacation can get expensive quickly. But there are now a bunch of ridesharing services around that make it easy to save money.

One of the most popular tools is BlaBlaCar which allows you to hook up with regular drivers for quick trips across town for low fees. In many cases, they’re just regular people, making their way from one part of town to another. Prices are low. 

Make Walking The Focus Of Your Activities

Walking is probably the best way to actually “see the world” instead of just getting a feel for it. Remember, most people who travel don’t venture far from the airport or the hotel. So they never really get a full impression of the place they are visiting. With walking tours, however, you can see the sights and get out into the country, learning about everything that it has to offer. 

Barter Your Way Around The World

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Sometimes, you can barter for free meals or stays in hotels (or anything else) if you can offer people services. Remember, in some countries, professional services, such as accounting, are prohibitively expensive. So if you can run the restaurant’s numbers, they’ll be eternally grateful. 

As you can see, travelling the world is possible, even if you’re broke. It just requires a little work, creativity and dedication. 

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