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Top 4 Destinations To Visit In Thailand

Thailand is up there as one of the biggest tourism magnets in the world. If you’re travelling to Southeast Asia, you will almost always spend some time in Thailand. It’s a majestic country full of everything a traveller could possibly wish for – amazing sites, fantastic food, and beautiful beaches. 

Are you planning a trip to Thailand in the future? Make sure you check out these unmissable destinations in one of the world’s most stunning countries:

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You can’t go to Thailand and not visit Bangkok! The nation’s capital has a plethora of delights that will wow all tourists. You can enjoy plenty of museums and temples, as well as bustling street markets. There’s too much to see and do to list everything here, just know that most Thai adventures should start in the capital city! Oh, and it also happens to have the best nightlife as well. That’s the beauty of this city – you can explore the rich cultural sites during the day, then enjoy the bustling nightlife when the sun goes down. 


This is actually the largest island in Thailand, and it’s a hotspot for tourists. Instantly, you get everything you could hope for from an island. The beaches are absolutely stunning, and there are plenty of watersports to enjoy. Again, it has a legendary nightlife that will probably leave you with a pounding head in the morning. You can also go hiking, explore a stunning cove, and even interact with some elephants in an ethical sanctuary. It is simply a must-visit destination for anyone that’s going to Thailand. 

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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to hundreds of gorgeous temples that will take your breath away. If you’re looking for a more low-key place that’s not as crazy as Bangkok or Phuket, this is the city to stay. It’s got such a rich culture, along with so many amazing natural sights and scenes. The lush jungles are well worth visiting, and you can hike up a mountain for some amazing views. It’s a place that’s grown in popularity over the years, meaning it now has a host of great places to stay while you’re there. As you can see from the hotels list here, many of these places are absolutely beautiful and take you to hidden areas of the city. Chiang Mia is more for the relaxed traveller, which is why many people go there after spending time in the busier areas of Thailand. 

Koh Phangan

Speaking of busy areas with lots of parties, Koh Phangan is probably at the top of this list. It’s earned a reputation as a party island, largely thanks to the legendary Full Moon Party! You’ll definitely enjoy yourself here, but it also juxtaposes the nightlife with some serene and peaceful areas. There are plenty of yoga and relaxation retreats to check out, which many have said are great hangover cures!

Add these destinations to your travel itinerary when going to Thailand. If you enjoyed this and would like more advice on where to go and what to while travelling, check out this article here. You’ll be taken on a journey around Dubai, picking out all of the main hotspots!

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