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Is It Time For New Travel Tour Experiences?

The news of the collapse of Thomas Cook, one of the oldest travel agencies in the world, took travellers by surprise. Thomas Cook was personally involved with transport to the Great Exhibition of 1851, and he organised his first European and US tours soon afterwards. For many holidaymakers, there was never a trip without Thomas Cook’s staff to help arrange their journey and accommodation. Admittedly, many enthusiastic travellers have been planning their trips alone, using flashpacking savviness to find the best solutions for their budget. 

However, it would be unrealistic to assume that families and couples who relied on the expertise of Thomas Cook are ready to tackle the challenge of self-planning. Perhaps the time calls for a new type of travel awareness that can offer life-changing experiences without breaking the bank or the planet. 

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An outdoor treasure hunt in groups

There is a lot in terms of outdoor activities that people don’t even consider. The typical travel agency holidaymaker tends to discover landscapes through open bus tours. It would be interesting to propose involving and immersive experiences that get people to explore their surroundings differently. For instance, local tourism centres could suggest treasure hunts for a small fee. Treasure hunts are hugely popular. Besides, an outdoors hunt could get groups to explore different areas while staying connected via two way radios. The advantage is that small communities can help to build an entirely new travel adventure that appeals to families and large groups. Indeed, the collapse of Thomas Cook can leave many travellers feeling uncertain about their next holiday plans. Proposing new exploration activities can help to fill the void left by the collapse of travel agencies. 

A weekend to return to nature

As holidaymakers get more familiar with managing their travel plans, the next step in local discovery is to introduce healthy activities. Indeed, a simple fitness routine, for instance, can help holidaymakers to explore new types of travels. Weekend retreats are hugely popular. However, too many people choose to shop for their pre-arranged resort online instead of organising a budget-friendly alternative. Helping travellers to relax and stay healthy with simple activities can be a valuable step toward travel independence. After all, everybody needs to recharge their batteries from time to time. Exploring ways of focusing on their personal needs without breaking the bank is detrimental to the future of the travel industry. Indeed, we need to learn to travel differently and move away from the scheduled and costly Thomas Cook approach. 

Forest and mushroom trip for green gourmets

People can’t afford to travel without consideration for the environment. It’s fair to say that today’s travel agencies struggle with sustainable plans. It is up to holidaymakers to design a schedule that works for them and the environment. There is no better way than getting to better understand the natural resources around you, starting with a local foraging tour, for instance. Perhaps, indulging on holidays is not all about looking for your favourite brands at the all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s all about eating locally and keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. 

In the end, there’s only one question left to ask: Are people ready to make travel a positive force for the future? Whether you change your travel habits to interact with your surroundings or to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s time for a travel revolution. 

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