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Traveling As You Get Older – It’s Awesome!

When you are younger, you want to travel to see the world, get photos, and meet new people. And, that doesn’t change as you get older. But maybe how you see travel changes to be even more enjoyable. With more life experience under your belt, you have a different perspective on things. What really makes travel great. And are those delays as bad as you think they are when you are younger? Are ‘big cities’ all they are cracked up to be?

Here are a couple of reasons why traveling when you are older is just the most remarkable thing.

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Kid Free

If you spent your younger years taking your little ones on holiday, you might always have felt you needed a holiday AFTER your holiday. Family holidays are a lot of fun, but not always for the parents. When those once little kiddos have flown the nest, you can travel much lighter, and no longer need to be alert all the time. You can relax – in peace.

Shirk Popularity

Small towns, villages, hard to get to villas, unusual experiences. While big cities have a lot of stuff to do, they are usually done by thousands of tourists every day of the week. When you have free time, and the more significant disposable income – you can spend all the time you like research experiences that you really want. Heading to smaller local bakeries, grabbing fresh bread – without a queue beyond the locals. The ‘pressure’ to hit up the popular tourist places fades away.

More Accessible

The last twenty years have seen a considerable improvement in accessibility for all. From hearing aids to zimmer frames – planes, trains, and hotels are making changes. Which, of course, is the perfect time to check out the best canes and put your best foot, and stick forward while on your adventures – knowing you won’t be unable to access places.


Getting discounts on your travel, hotel stay, and even a decent discount on luxury travel options is pretty sweet. There are travel agents and companies that are dedicated to giving unbelievably deep discounts for seniors if you fall in specific age brackets. So when you are booking your holidays, via an agent or not, be sure to ask them if there are discounts.


You are typically much more free to travel when you like. You no longer have to worry about bank holiday traffic or peak pricing. So if you have dreams of not having to queue up, of being able to enjoy ‘normal’ travel pricing, and usually better service due to fewer travelers, consider all of that off-peak time you can enjoy!


Travel makes you happier and healthier. We tend to eat better, get more fresh air, and live ‘your best lives’ when we are on holiday. The relaxation can begin to unwind and destress older travelers. We ditch out mobile phones in favor of books and excellent views. We get more rest as we don’t have as much responsibility.

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” – Francis Bacon

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