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The Most Beautiful Cities In The World And Why You Should Visit Them

When you’re travelling the world you’re bound to stumble upon a plethora of beautiful destinations along the way. However, not every single country or city will be to your taste, and you may be on a mission to see the true wonders of the world. One of the greatest feelings as someone who travels for pleasure is standing in front of an incredible view and breathing in the pure beauty of the scenery. If you’re looking to see more incredible sights and experience as much of the world as possible, take a look at the most beautiful cities in the world and why you should visit them for inspiration on where to head to next!

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Sofia is the capital of the Bulgarian Union and what a place it is to visit. When people think of Bulgaria, it’s likely that they think of it as a bit of a third world country. While there are many surrounding areas that are still being built up, Sofia is one of the most beautiful cities that you could visit in the world. With large plush complexes being erected each month, and white sandy beaches with deep blue water lapping onto them, you’ll truly feel relaxed in the city of Sophia. It’s not just the pure beauty that you should go by either, as the cost of living in Bulgaria is super cheap, so you’re guaranteed an amazing time at a fraction of your regular vacation cost!


Singapore in Asia is next on the list today because of it’s incredible Chinese style buildings and the general love for arts and culture in the city. With each corner you turn you can expect to be amazed by incredible buildings and tapestries. If you’re planning on staying a while, why not condos for rent in singapore near mrt so that you’re right in the centre of the pure beauty that this city has to offer. Not only can you enjoy the amazing views and sights, but you can rest assured that you’re in one of the safest places in the world, as the crime rates are so low. You can also look forward to amazing nights out as Singapore boasts one of the greatest spots for nightlife in Asia!


With large monuments and one of the oldest railway stations in the world, you’d be mad to pass up on the chance of visiting Budapest, located in the heart of Hungary. Hungarians secured the land in the 9th century and since then have built up an incredibly beautiful city that’s visited by up to 4.3 million people each year! If you’re looking to visit a city that can offer pure luxury, then Budapest is most definitely the place for you. Experience fine dining and service while looking over the city at the incredible skyline.

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Paris, known as one of the most romantic cities in the world should definitely make it onto your list. If not for the infamous Eiffel Tower, but for all of the amazing restaurants, beautiful walkways, rivers and general atmosphere of the place. France is well known because of Paris and it’s gourmet food and to-die-for perfumes. If you’re looking for a super romantic place to travel to with your partner, Paris should definitely be a consideration!


Another city that’s well known for its romanticism is London. With amazing attractions such as the London eye and canal tours, you’re bound to fall in love all over again with not just your partner, but the city too. Take to the skies and view the whole city in all its glory. Often described as a miniature version of New York City, London is a city that also never sleeps, with incredible buildings and attractions that light up the night sky.

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If you’re looking to visit somewhere that’s truly eye catching, then why not head to Chefchaouen in Morocco for a truly breathtaking experience. The buildings are painted blue and depending on who you speak to, they will either tell you that it’s to symbolise peace and heaven, or to keep mosquitoes away. Each year their homes and other buildings are given a fresh lick of paint which keeps the city vibrant and super peaceful. Don’t forget to take your camera to capture the pure beauty of this city!


The capital of Spain is another destination that should make it onto your bucket list due to the culture and spectacular city that is Barcelona. You can expect to see mosaic around pretty much every corner, along with spanish music, dancing, and laughter. Also home to one of the biggest football teams in the world, meaning that during your visit you may just get the chance to head to Nou Camp and see the almighty Barcelona show off their football skills. Even for those who aren’t major football fans, heading to a football match in that stadium gives off the most electrical atmosphere, so it’s definitely worth the visit!

San Francisco

While there are many amazing cities dotted all over America, San Francisco has to be one of the most spectacular cities in the world. With multicoloured houses dotted along roads and a view of the golden gate bridge in the distance, you can truly expect a fantastic view when you’re in SF. Not only that, the city boasts beautiful weather most of the year, so you can expect to get yourself a beautiful tan and some amazing photos in the glorious sunshine.

As you can see, there truly is a plethora of incredible cities around the world – and this is only scratching the surface! Pop these onto your bucket list for a truly amazing and individual experience in each destination. Happy travelling!

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