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Getting the Ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris

We had filled our stomachs and our livers at the Marmaris all inclusive experience and were in dire need of some activity to get ourselves back on the move both physically and mentally. We planned our getaway to Greece to try a bit of island life and were looking forward to some blue skies, blue seas and some traditional blue Greek houses.  First we had to get out of Turkey, but that proved slightly more difficult than planned.

The Ferry from Marmaris to Rhodes

People may tell you that the ferry runs every day from Marmaris to Rhodes, don’t believe them. This was the info we relied upon before booking our week in Marmaris hoping to depart on the Tuesday.  It appears out of the main season (we were there in late May) an every day schedule actually means ‘almost every day’.  We ended up having to book an extra night at another hotel waiting around for the next ferry to depart.

The extra night wasn’t so bad and we were told to get to the port an hour before departure to exchange our booking ticket for a boarding pass. This worked well and we picked them up on time, sadly the ferry was not as punctual and didn’t actually arrive back from Rhodes until 45 minutes after our supposed departure at 5.30. The good news is the port has free wifi so you can easily while your time away seeing what people have had for dinner on instagram.

Eventually we boarded and set off for a very uneventful and smooth journey of just 55 minutes. The sights are pretty as you leave Marmaris bay; even on a rather foggy day that we had.  We missed most of them as we had met a charming middle aged Australian couple half way through their European six month trip and we chatted about destinations on their itinerary.

The ride into Rhodes harbour is pretty too, we arrived as the sun was going down behind the old fortified walls casting a beautiful light across the old stone and the yachts moored in its shadow.

Buying your Marmaris Rhodes Tickets

You can get Marmaris to Rhodes ferry tickets at any tourist trip booths around the town, but you will pay a small premium of three or four Euros on the price.  If you want the lowest price go direct to the Yesil office and buy them yourself for just 39 euro each. They have two offices, a mini one by the bazaar and a bigger one, that opens more regularly, down past the tour boats on the marina. This is not a cheap fare given the short ride,, but in Greece you will always pay more for the quicker Catamaran ferries. The fare is the same for a single journey or a trip where you return the same day.   There was one leaving at 9.3oam in the morning or an afternoon one at 6pm on the day we travelled which seems to be the regular timetable.

There is duty free at the departure gate at the port and prices are ok, certainly cheaper than on the Greek Islands and the regular prices in Turkey

Arriving at Our Rhodes Hotel

From the port it was either a walk of about twenty minutes or a short taxi ride to our hotel on the other side of the Rhodes town peninsula.  We opted for the taxi (it was late and we wanted to make it in time for dinner) and this costs five Euros fixed price without a meter, which seems to be the going rate here for short Rhodes town hops.

We knew we were firmly back in Europe by the rather curt and unfriendly welcome from the receptionist at our hotel. As we arrived and announced our reservation I was told off for not printing out my booking form, first time in 18 months travel I have been asked for a printed form. Here I was thinking Europe was trying to be green?

Her sourness may have been because of the ridiculous bargain we snagged for this hotel on one of the hotel booking sites.  We paid just  18 euros for bed, breakfast and evening meal.  We had a room overlooking the beach and harbour and the food was served in the five star sister hotel opposite and was fabulous.  Has to be the European bargain of the century.

We stayed at the Mitsis La Vita and ate  Mitsis Grand. While it ain’t no Hilton, it’s a fine hotel and the buffet dinner was fantastic, we also had use of the pool too if we so desired. We celebrated our bargain on our first night and treated ourselves to a bottle of overpriced wine, but we didn’t care we were still quids Euros in.

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