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Episode 7 – The End

Two Days in Bangkok

Who’s in that mirror

So farewell then Thailand, we have flown over you, sailed around your coast, used all you unique forms of public transport and we still love you and am missing your already.

We decided to finish our stay in Thailand with a little bit of luxury for our last two nights in Thailand so booked in tot he Lebua towers. When we arrived we were delighted to find we had been upgraded to the Lebua tower club which meant a suite on the 51st floor complimentary films, mini bar and a fantastic view of Bangkok. Nice treat to end on, thank you kind upgrade gods.


The hotel was fantastic and the suite had its own lounge, mini kitchen, balcony, they had a fantastic sky bar and the staff and service was brilliant, and an excellent location for all the transport and directly on silom road for market shopping and gay areas. My only criticism is that they tried a bit too hard to to be hip for breakfast as you had to wait while a cook barbecued your bacon and sausage, then another station to get your eggs cooked for and then to get toast, one of the cooks would put your break on a griddle and then plunge it in a wood burning pizza oven. All very chic, but by the time you had finished these over the top breakfast preparations half your nosh was cold. If you couldn’t be arsed with all that you could have dim sum or sushi instead, but not sure I am ready for that first thing.
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Dental Day


Bangkok was a good a place as any to get some dental treatment given the price compared to back home. So we booked John in and after a nice slow lazy morning working out how to get your breakfast assembled at the hotel we set off for the dentist appointment. It took about two hours, but the waiting room had wifi, so i was happy to entertain myself while he got done. I was skeptical about whether this would actually work, but as you can see from the before and after shots we took it does in fact work.

Shopping and Supping

The rest of the time was spent shopping first at the Patphong night market which we decided was crap and no one wanted to barter down to sensible prices, then finally at the MBK centre which is a six floor shopping heaven filled with all sorts of stalls with vendors who will still do a nice bit of bartering on the marked price.

So a late checkout of the hotel on Sunday evening and sadly we are on our way home. First leg of the journey is complete as I type this so and sign off. This blog is now officially closed again until I dust off the passport hopefully at Christmas. Toodle pip all.

Favourite journeys


I think for sheer thrills this has to be the tuk tuks in Bangkok, the drivers are cheeky, dangerous but know the best way of weaving in and out of the chaotic Bangkok traffic. A tuk tuk journey goes something like this.

    • You: How much to get to say MBK shopping centre
    • Driver: 200 baht
    • You: 50 baht
    • Driver : I need to eat 100 baht
    • You: 60 baht or I get a cab
    • Driver: Ok 60 baht
    • Get in and your off weaving in and out of lanes and keeping you knees in to avoid the bus which is about 5mm from the side of your tuk tuk.
    • Driver : where you from?
    • You : Manchester
    • Driver: ahh Manchester united, Rooney he good
    • Driver : how long you in Bangkok?
    • You : provide any answer somewhere between one and five days depending on your frame of mind
    • Driver : leans back hands you a massage flyer with images of scantily clad fully trained masseuses, then says I take you they very good they give good fuck
    • You: politely decline as he continues to promote the special services of these highly trained massage ladies.

The Foot

     Tuk tuks are closely followed by the ferry/train journey from Ko Samui. Yes it was long but really enjoyable and an experience I woukd be happy to repeat and probably will in future.

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