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Episode 2 – Phuket Nights

We are having a quiet night in tonight ready for an earlyish flight to Ko Samui tomorrow. Here’s what we have been up to for the last few days

The Hotel

Foot and Beach

We continued our B&B bookings by choosing the Tiger Inn, it is located about 300 yards from the beach and close to the main attractions. It was a mere £20 per night and came with our usual requirements, although the wifi was a little hit and miss on the iPad, but worked fine on the phone.

 The Weather

Lovin them trousers

The first couple of days were a bit crap really with only a few hours sunshine in-between some spectacular monsoon rains and I was worried that we might end up going home whiter than when we arrived. But it cheered up eventually and today especially was blisteringly hot with hardly a cloud in the sky. On Saturday we were on the beach when we saw this dirty black cloud brewing in the distance and within minutes the beach staff were busy locking everything down as an almighty wind whips up just before the heavens open, we only just made it back to the hotel before the deluge started.

The things what we did

Yum Yum

We have drank far too many beers and eaten too much, but we don’t care because it is a holiday after all. We have even been known to wiggle our butts in a gay bars and clubs, which we really shouldn’t do, it not fair for people to have to witness my poor dancing and lack of co-ordination

The food has however been amazing. The Tom Yam Kung soup is to die for. It gets served in this steel bowl and full of seafoods and mushrooms, is very spicy and tastes delicious. We have also discovered that when we say we only want a dish a little bit spicy , it has no effect whatsoever the number of the little tiny red chillis which go into your glass noodle salads. The chillis actually make you sweat they are so hot. A regular meal for two with a couple of beers rolls in on average at about £15 for the two of us.

Last night though we decided splash out a bit and we hand picked our own dinner from the fish counter, John went for rock lobster and I went for fish. The fish was super fresh and smothered with what was described on the menu as three spice sauce, I don’t know what that is and don’t care but I do know it tasted divine.

The Cloudy Day


We were a bit miffed at the cloudy day at first, but the karma was willing us to find something indoors to do so we wandered into the Jungceylon shopping centre and stumbled upon a shooting range. Well playing with guns, safely of course, has been on my bucket list for ages, so we went for it and it was about as much fun as I had hoped. I chose a Glock and John went for a Colt I am obviously a natural as my target pic proves, let’s just say Johns were a little more spread out!

Didn’t stand a chance

We then went to get a massage, we wanted to get a traditional Thai massage which as I now know is akin to visiting the osteopath with the way you get manipulated, but it was an amazing feeling afterwards, you feel all at ease with your muscles and bones. We picked the place based on good old trip advisor and the reviews were right, it was super clean and the treatment and service was very professional with a welcome lemongrass tea, the feet washing and then our side by side massage tables. Bliss – Sala Spa

Overview of Patong

Moody lights

The beach is long and at this time of year not too busy, but I guess it is he’ll in peak season. It kinda lived up to our expectations. It was a crazy bustling resort, but the food was great and the nightlife fun, but we are glad we are not here longer. Hopefully Ko Samui will be a little more relaxed and the weather should be better too according to my extensive research.

Have arrived safely in Ko Samui, another glorious day, but the original hotel we booked has cocked up on our booking so we are in a temporary hotel across the road for the night. Have to decide whether we stay here or move back to our original, decisions decisions…

A nightime flop

Resort is nice though, initial impressions are that it is much quieter and reminds us a bit of our experiences in Bali last year.

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