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The Food and Drink Supplement

Food Food Food

The trip has been as much about tasting new things as it has seeing new things.   So I felt it only appropriate to include in my final blog of the trip the food and drink special.  Its been a real treat, but there are a few stars amongst them:

Rijtafel – A mixture and taster of all different dishes such as satay and sweet and sour flavours.

Babi Guling – Suckling pig spit roasted with the most amazing crispy skin on top
Nasi Goreng a fried rice dish with either seafood or chicken that comes with a fried egg on top.
Soto Ayam – a clear soup with lemongrass, ginger and chicken and tumeric.

But the highlight of the Bali food was the meal after the Bike ride, it was about 6 different dishes all authentic and all tasted absolutely wonderful and we sat on the floor to eat  from a  low table in the traditional way – so all round that was by far the most traditional and flavoursome meals of the trip.

Some of the tastiest dim sum I have ever had both in Chinatown in Thailand, or at the market and street vendors in Hong Kong.  Lots and lots of prawns done in different ways.  And some which were more like little crayfish, and were a bastard to get into but once you did the meat tasted sweet.

Savoury Sticky rice in Thaliand  – which is one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten served wrapped in a bananaleaf , but is slosely followed by the sweet sticky rice with taro- Like rice pudding but the rice is dyed different colours, was just pudding heaven.

Glass noodle sausage, which was a pork sausage mixed with rice, garlic and fish and oyster sauces, but served with a little green ginger and lemongrass sauce, which was just a great combination.

Thai noodle rolls wrapped with mint, carrot and dried shrimp and chilli dipped into a that tasty gingery sauce.

Some things I tried but did not care for, black rice pudding served as a sweet in Bali – chocolaty rice pudding but with some spices in I didn’t like. Also jellied octupus which nearly made me vomit.   The only thing I didnt like in Thailand was something which looked like a scotch egg, but had fish round it instead of pork meat and it was just way too fishy and way too salty for me.

Beer Beer and More Beer

I present for you below a range of the beers I have either gotten slightly, mostly or absolutley drunk on during my travels.  My favourite was Tsingtao a Chinese beer you get in Hong Kong.  And Chang from Thailand came a close second.  Bintang and Bali Hai were the two brews available in Bali and I preferred Bali Hai – Bintang was a big gassy and made me fart.

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