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So Farewell HK, Hello KL

I was thinking on the taxi on the way to the airport – the driver of which was ever so slightly scary in his desire to avoid the HK rush hour this morning – that I was feeling sad to leave.  I decided that if you get that feeling you must have had a good time. Well I did it was fun and fast and well not too furious. But we’ll be back in a couple of weeks to have another peek – or Peak  geddit?

Another flight another experience

Hong Kong Airport, its massive and I really do mean massive, oh and did I mention how so fucking amazingly clean it was (how did I do with that Helen). I know I have mentioned how clean the city was but the Airport looks just like it has been opened yesterday. It also has the following things which make it by far my most favourite airport in the whole world so far.

Smoking Lounge HK Airport

Smoking Lounge HK Airport

Smoking rooms in each terminal gate area (now these are not as beautifully designed that those at Paris CDG, (see earlier musings) they did however need some stronger ventilation. As you opended the door you were greeted with a fog of carcinogens. After your quick fag you came out smelling like an ashtray with water/beer spilled in it (yes you smokers know what that smells like and it not pleasant is it fellow smokers).

Free wifi everywhere – I dont know why but I get irritated when I have to pay large sums for wifi acess for an hour. But my irritation is miniscule when compared to the elation I feel when you click the free wifi connection and it does in fact turn out to be free – so thank you to PCCW communications of Hong Kong for this excellent service (there I just advertised their wares to my one blog reader – will I get told off for product placement now?)

Shops and Food Oulets – there is not a single high end brand you couldn’t find in the airport (Chanel, Tiffany, Rolex etc etc ) and also I witnessed my first caviar bar. Imagine getting through security checks quickly getting your belt and shoes back on and then you think to yourself mmmm I fancy a bit of beluga and some toast, or one of the five different flavoured scottish smoked salmon on offer. Bizarre.  Needless to say it was quiet.

Air Asia are ACE!!!

Air Asia Attendant

Air Asia Attendant

Booked with asia’s low cost carriers to get us from HK to KL.   Was expecting a Ryanair type experience, how wrong could I be.  The check-in, boarding, staff and range and price of in flight drinks was just fantastic.  Here’s the lowdown:-

Food choice is not just a Ryanair barf burger or hot dog, but a range of tasty looking things with rice or noodles.  I had a coffee which came in a coffee bag, and was the colour and consistency of Brent Crude Oil, but tasted ok.  I took the bag out to drink it and my fingers are now stained a dark brownish colour so god knows what that is doing to my intestines.

They don’t serve alcohol so no hen or stag parties on their way to inflict their plastic tits or pre printed t-shirts on the locals and think they will find it funny.

You can get Krispy Kreme donoughts with your coffee – just genius
The cabin crew bowed and welcomed you aboard and they all looked like they had just come runner up in the Miss Thailan/Malaysia competition.  I almost fancied them myself.  (example in the pic; well that’s a bit of a cheat it was from the front of the in flight menu, but trust me they are beautiful)
The best bit is for a four hours flight from HK-KL cost us just £65 just brilliant – I love a good bargain me.

Kuala Lumpur first steps

Petronas from Traders Hotel

Petronas from Traders Hotel

Got off smiling having been bowed at again by the in flight models and then the heat hit me – (I was still dressed for the rainy colidsh weather of HK).

Longish taxi ride to the to the hotel with another driver who didn’t like those slowcoaches in the middle lane and felt it necessary to tailgate till they moved.We had asked for a high floor room and they have not disappointed – we are on the 29th with a maginifent view. Get in to that new fangled internet booking and putting nice special request on with a nice pretty please. I love Traders Hotel Front desk staff – they are friendly and welcoming without being nauseating. Difficult one to pull off but they have got it off to a T.

First steps onto Malaysian Soil

Last time a Hickson was on Malaysian soil he came home with a bullet through his arm, I hope my trip is less eventful. I certainly will not be mentioning my Dad’s time here to the locals as an ice breaker.

Funny moment at security in KL airport was the big signs saying thermal imaging cameras in use.  And guess what – it was not to detect hot drugs or other bits of your body that get warm, but to see if you had a hot nose/head and were carrying the piggy virus into the country.  So the whole of SE Asia is paranoid about this flu and not just the Hong Kong government.

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