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We’re ready

Right first entry…. I have never blogged and not sure I will have the stamina to keep this up for three weeks while I am away, but who knows I might just see it through. Its probably the last bit of web 2.o I haven’t yet done. So I’m gonna try it and see if I learn anything about myself, if I do keep it up you will no doubt learn something more about me.

I apologise in advance for grating grammar, terrible typos, poor punctuation and inappropriate use of capitals and apostrophes. I just can’t be arsed with those things. In my view if the sense of what you are trying to say gets across then its good enough. The grammar police can deconstruct what I meant to say if only I had placed that comma there or used the apostrophe in the right place. In fact with their keen eyes and analysis they will probably read something deep and meaningful into what I write. I can assure you that will never be my intention.

OK so here goes. I am packed and ready for the trip. For at least three weeks of my life I may actually have something interesting to blog about, or maybe I wont you decide.

Right that’s it , my blog virginity has been taken

ps – I have just dicsovered the spell check function on this so this may save you from some of my poor typing and impatience to post. Marvellous


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