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Korea: Seoul Food Market is World Class

October 18, 20120 Comments

Kwangjang Market Travelling around Asia for the last few months we have seen our fair share of ‘traditional’ markets.  Some examples deserve their traditional moniker; others would be best described as tourist traps. As the lure of the tourist dollar replaces traditional traders with those selling souvenirs, fake designer goods or other merchandise that has the […]

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South Korea: Seoul Attractions

October 14, 20123 Comments

What to do in Seoul? Seoul is a city full of culture, the old, the new, the modern and the downright quirky.  The people here enjoy life, they work and play hard.  As a tourist, in between munching your way through some delightful food and shaking off last nights soju or makgeolli hangover, you can […]

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Korea: Getting A Bit Of Seoul

October 11, 20124 Comments

Travel to Seoul Taiwan to Seoul via Korean Air was a pleasant experience, our second scheduled airline flight within the space of a few days, we will be calling ourselves glampackers next.  Getting through check in and customs proved a little complicated as we were unaware of a Korean airline ban on cigarette lighters and […]

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South Korea: Traditional Bullfighting Without The Blood

October 9, 20124 Comments

Bullfighting South Korean Style We travelled to Jinju with the main intention of visiting the Korean Festival of Lanterns, which was an ‘enlightening’ experience. We hadn’t realised that this festival coincided with so many other free events taking place around the city. The National Bullfighting competition takes place annually, in October, during the Jinju ‘Yudueng’. […]

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South Korea: Jinju Festival of Floating Lamps (Yudeung)

October 7, 20123 Comments

How to get to Jinju We departed Jeju on the morning of Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving day) and as we were checking out of our room only hotel, were asked to take a seat in the manager’s office, who proudly presented us with a massive plate of cakes each. Neither of us are really breakfast people, […]

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