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Emotions, excitement and a mysterious travel companion

December 8, 20110 Comments

Emotions are a funny old thing aren’t they. You can try and keep them all packaged up in a nice little box on a shelf but eventually they prise open the lid and jump out and begin to scratch away at your calm controlled exterior until the wounds are visible for all to see. The […]

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Emotions, Lists and Packing

December 2, 20112 Comments

Today’s post is brought to you by lists, emotions and packing Lists Are you a list person?  I am. I like lists… Actually that is a lie, what I actually really like is crossing things off  lists when they get done. I get a deep sense of satisfaction from having achieved something as you swipe the pen […]

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RTW Travel Photos

November 24, 20110 Comments

Each destination we blog about, we feature a favourite image from our world trip. Take a look and select any photo to find out where it was taken and the full travel story behind the picture. Take a look at the photo gallery, at the bottom of this page, to see our best travel photographs. […]

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