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From China to India: Gods Own Country

December 3, 20122 Comments

We decided to go overland from Shenzhen to Macau. The two hour coach journey from the Railway coach terminal was trouble free apart from the odd experience of the coach staff taking everyone’s individual picture before we departed (we both did our best winning smiles).  The irony was John got shouted out for taking a […]

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South Korea: Must See Things To Do In Gyeongju

October 26, 20120 Comments

Gyeongju is Korea’s most popular tourist destination both with Koreans and international visitors, mainly from Asia .  The region is rich in ancient history, with many sights being recognised by UNESCO, the area also boasts some great natural beauty for hiking and trekking if you are feeling in a sporty mood. We spent 3 nights […]

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South Korea: Traditional Bullfighting Without The Blood

October 9, 20124 Comments

Bullfighting South Korean Style We travelled to Jinju with the main intention of visiting the Korean Festival of Lanterns, which was an ‘enlightening’ experience. We hadn’t realised that this festival coincided with so many other free events taking place around the city. The National Bullfighting competition takes place annually, in October, during the Jinju ‘Yudueng’. […]

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South Korea: Jinju Festival of Floating Lamps (Yudeung)

October 7, 20123 Comments

How to get to Jinju We departed Jeju on the morning of Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving day) and as we were checking out of our room only hotel, were asked to take a seat in the manager’s office, who proudly presented us with a massive plate of cakes each. Neither of us are really breakfast people, […]

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Malaysia: Our Return Journey to Kuala Lumpur

September 27, 20124 Comments

Kuala Lumpur is changing rapidly.  Or is it us? This isn’t the first time we’ve visited Kuala Lumpur. We last spent some time here in December 2009. I don’t know whether its KL or us that has changed, but one thing that is definitely different is our budget.  If you want you can read about […]

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