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Travelling Safe When You Have a Medical Condition

February 22, 20190 Comments

Medical conditions can change the way you live your life, but they should not stop you having a holiday. Even travelling to the other side of the world is not out of the questions, so long as you are properly prepared. Hope For The Best But Plan For The Worst Start off by making sure […]

The Best Way to Travel Across Great Britain

December 22, 20180 Comments

Great Britain is a beautiful European island that is separated from the mainland by the North Sea and the English Channel. It is made up of England, Wales, and Scotland and it is a country with a rich culture that even dates back to medieval times. Great Britain offers astonishing landscape, good food, and various […]

Discover Your Dream Accommodation Across Europe

December 22, 20180 Comments

For many years, many are besotted with Europe. A lot of them are artists. Although, when you read the iambic-metered lines of William Butler Yeats, you’d think that maybe it was the beauty of Europe that made them artists.   When you hear Yeats say, “Under the October twilight the water mirrors a still sky. […]

Best Flashpacking Destinations This New Year

December 22, 20180 Comments

What better way to celebrate New Year then travelling to a beautiful destination you’ve never been to before. There are endless scenic places from all over the world that you can travel to. If you’re still undecided about where to go, here are some suggestions that may even become one of your best flashpacking destinations […]

I Just Can’t Afford To Travel

November 29, 20180 Comments

For many hard working people the idea of travelling for more than a couple of weeks at a time can seem like a pipe dream. A long weekend in a new city, or a few weeks in a far flung destination may suppress those yearnings temporarily but in reality once you have tasted the joys […]

Falling in Love while Traveling: Making the Move to a New Area

November 17, 20180 Comments

Traveling affords you with the opportunity to not only see new places but to fall in love with a new area. If you take a trip to a new place and discover that you never want to leave, it may be the right time to relocate. Here are some tips to prepare you for the […]

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

October 24, 20180 Comments

You’ve heard about putting money away for a rainy day, but the fact is many people are ill-prepared when emergencies arise. Events such as car repairs, home repairs and medical bills can easily run into the thousands of dollars, draining your account and leaving you with nothing left. If you have little to no savings, […]

More than the Beaches : Mix up your Trip

October 23, 20180 Comments

What do we travel for?  Culture, activities, history, extreme weather or just the ability to lounge on a beach for two weeks soaking up the sun and sipping the cocktails?   Why restrict yourself, pick a destination that has them all and when you get bored of laying horizontal, get up off the sunbed and […]

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