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The Food and Drink Supplement

December 27, 20090 Comments

Food Food Food The trip has been as much about tasting new things as it has seeing new things.   So I felt it only appropriate to include in my final blog of the trip the food and drink special.  Its been a real treat, but there are a few stars amongst them: Rijtafel – A […]

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Bangkok certainly has Bang and a few K…

December 23, 20090 Comments

 I liked Bangkok quite a bit Apologies for my somewhat melancholy maudlin mood in the last post,  I am back now upbeat after 36 hours in Bangkok.  This is definitely not a city on which to waste time staring at ones own navel, there is just too much fun to be had. So where the […]

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Bye Bye Bali we will definitely miss you

December 20, 20090 Comments

Denpasar You Did OK Right  – nothing much to report about the airport on departure more stampy stampy from the officials then through not one but two security checks and then off we go airside to view the duty free, not much of excitement to tell you other than it was the usual collection of […]

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The Kultural experience continues in Kuta

December 19, 20090 Comments

The Journey to Ryanair Hotel Well another transfer day today, this one by road, we leave the high culture and temporary immersion into Balinese life in the villages and head straight for low culture  – hedonism heaven in the form of Kuta.  You will recall our brief trip their last week and the resulting hangover […]

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The Energetic Day

December 17, 20091 Comment

A Multimedia trail I have had a bit of time this evening to piddle with Picassa and vacillate with Vimeo. So today’s theme will be a multimedia attack on your senses. Well not quite, but I hope to give you more of a sense of what we are experiencing in Bali with some of my pics so […]

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