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Hotels, Weather and Other Planning

August 6, 20105 Comments

I’m in Love Again Having discovered that with a modicum of HTML tagging and a little bit of patience on my part (not a trait that comes easy to me) I can in fact do bold, lists and proper hyperlinks on this blogging tool now. I am therefore officially back in love with the iPad […]

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The Evolution of a Trip

August 2, 20105 Comments

You can read this blog in two ways.  Either as me showing off that I have all the freedom in the world to go on holiday where I like;  or as a useful set of tips and hints for DIY trip planning.  Hopefully demonstrating how, with a lot of time and a bit of flexibility, […]

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Gadgets for Travel – or not….

May 9, 20100 Comments

tr Will you really need these things? While bouncing around the internet (stumbleupon is a time munching monster) I came across a couple of travel gadgets which led me on to finding out what weird and wonderful things I could find to spend money that I haven’t got.  Here are the fruits of my labours. […]

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365 days – Not squeezing it all in

May 8, 20100 Comments

Take it slowly The world is not your oyster Once you make the decision to travel and set a time frame (a year in our case) you then start to wildly list all the places you want to see and visit. The list becomes very long very quickly.  You think a year is loads of […]

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And now the devil is in the detail

May 3, 20104 Comments

So from making the decision and spending hours and hours looking at other travellers blogs searching for that inspiration to help you make the decision we now move on to spending hours and hours planning what you do next.   This involves making numerous lists of things to do before you go, with your house, […]

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