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India Travel: Things to do in Jaipur

January 28, 20131 Comment

Day four of our Rajasthan tour was going to be a slow day, and all we had on the agenda was a visit to the City Palace and the Albert Museum (or Albert Hall as it is known in some guides). We planned to spend the rest of the day doing some chores.  Here is […]

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Incredible India: Rajasthan Tour of Jaipur

January 25, 201312 Comments

More Hotel Problems, this time in Jaipur We were up and out after our excellent buffet breakfast at the three star hotel we’d chosen the night before, to start our Rajasthan tour of Jaipur.  Our Jaipur hotel is definitely a much higher specification hotel than we’re used to staying in, but all is not well. We’d settled on […]

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Rajasthan Road Trip: Fatehpur Sikri

January 19, 20135 Comments

Rajasthan Road Trip – Day Two of our Two Week Driving Itinerary We awoke refreshed and exhilarated after our one night stop and driving tour of Agra. The second day started with something of a storm. Not the weather but a man made one created by John.  The evening before our driver told us that the driver […]

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Rajasthan Car and Driver – Agra

January 15, 20135 Comments

This is the first post in a series, sharing our experience of what is it like to hire a Rajasthan car and driver to get you around the most regal of Indian states.  The start of our driving journey takes us to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. We arrived in New Delhi at 06:50 hrs on […]

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Lucknow: Is it worth a Look?

January 11, 20138 Comments

Lucknow to Varanasi? After reluctantly leaving Varanasi, we would have liked to have stayed another night or so in this special and spiritual place, two nights just wasn’t enough but we needed to be in New Delhi in a few days time to meet our driver to start our tour of Rajasthan. We had already booked our train tickets […]

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