China Trip: Beijing Summer Palace and Olympic Park

November 12, 20122 Comments

A trip to the Summer palace and Olympic Park is an easy do-it-yourself tour, there really is no need to pay a premium to take an organised excursion.   There is a subway line right to the park and the whole journey from the centre of Beijing (we were staying on the edge of the Forbidden […]

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Travel in China: Shanghai to Beijing by Train

November 10, 20124 Comments

This Chinese train service has to be one of the most comfortable I have ever travelled on, apart from the frantic ‘queue’ getting on to it and the packed lounges at the station.  However, once we settled into our soft sleeper carriage the journey was a real dream, the rolling stock is new and the tracks level […]

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China: Shanghai Sights

November 6, 20120 Comments

Sightseeing in Shanghai There is enough to entertain you in Shanghai for more than the four days we had here, with the 30 day countdown ticking on our visa we had to get a move on.  The things that kept us entertained for our limited time were: The Jing’An Temple is a fully restored (adorned throughout with […]

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Flashpacking in China: Shanghai Arrival

November 4, 20122 Comments

Getting to China on this trip represents a real milestone for us.  China has always held a mysterious lure for me and I have been wanting to visit here since I was a child.   With independent travel around China easier than ever, we decided to ignore some of the doom merchants who advise against travelling here. We just […]

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Sights of Asia

December 29, 20090 Comments

A Pictoral Blog of Sights from this Trip Just a few of my favourite images from this trip featuring places visited in South East Asia.  These were taken mostly by Craig and occasionally by John.

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