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Myanmar: Arriving in Yangon Rangoon

July 20, 20126 Comments

First Impressions of Burma: Yangon (Rangoon) We arrived in Yangon just over an hour after leaving the tarmac at Bangkok’s International Airport.   It was a very early flight and John and I had managed only about three hours sleep after meeting an interesting Fillipino woman, in the bar at the airport hotel, who we ended […]

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Flashpacking Family Holiday

July 7, 20120 Comments

Our admin days over we arrived at 9am at Bangkok Airport to collect our family (my twin sister Kay, my niece Karlie and her boyfriend Tal) from their 13hour flight.  They arrived remarkably refreshed despite what they described as bumpy journey and some terrible in flight food. Don Muang and Nok Air to Koh Samui […]

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Myanmar Visa in Bangkok and Some Travel Gadgets

July 1, 20125 Comments

Thailand Border Visa Hassles After our wonderful lazy few nights in Battambang in Cambodia it was a bus journey back to Phnom Penh in order to catch our flight to Bangkok.  We had intended to go overland direct from Battambang into Thailand but the 15 day visa limit on land crossings; and an extortionate charge […]

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Flashpacking thoughts from Cambodia

June 23, 20120 Comments

Cambodia Final Thoughts We cannot start a travel blog post about Cambodia without first mentioning the people.   We spent a month in Cambodia, and everybody we met here was charming and friendly.  I would say this is the most  friendly and happy place we have come across on our travels.   From the children in […]

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Battambang and a Bamboo Train

June 16, 20126 Comments

Cambodia’s Second City Battambang is one the quietest places we visited in Cambodia, and it was a really good way to end our Cambodian experience. The city is Cambodia’s second largest city, but it feels nothing like Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.  Tourism here continues to be a by-product of daily life and your choice […]

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