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Paris, mon amour!

When people think of backpacking, the first thing that comes to people’s minds are intrepid journeys in far out places of the world. Paris may be a city slipped into conversation when elaborating on a European trip because as they say, ‘Paris is always a good idea’. Even if it means saving a few more pennies for it!

Are all the clichés true?

Like other major metropolises including London and New York, there are many clichés about Paris, that we have all heard about time and time again. However, to actually travel there and experience the savoir-vivre in person is a completely different thing. Yes, the French capital might be a bit hectic, with shocking traffic (and parking skills!) but with all the things to see and do there, it is worth it. Besides, Parisians know how to do ‘hectic’ in style as well as knowing when it is time to lean back and enjoy life in the slow lane.

Before embarking on your city trip, do thorough research on hotel reviews as finding budget accommodation can leave many visitors disappointed with what they receive.

Another cliché are actually mixed responses to the attitude of Parisians and how they react to requests in English. It is a debatable topic for travellers but as a simple courtesy, learning a few simple words (as seen in this video), can get you a long way.

Depending on how your city experience goes, you can make up your own mind as to whether these clichés are true and can either make you love or hate the French Parisians.

Visiting Paris for the first time

Art and culture

This is a personal tip. If you are a keen culture buff, then Paris is your city. By all means immerse yourself in all the landmarks and art museums but don’t forget that not all your time should be spent indoors. Even if you stay happens to be extended, it is almost impossible to see everything the city has to offer. Don’t rush and make a selection of what you want to see, so you also have the opportunity to experience what modern day Paris has to offer its visitors. For sites like the Louvre  long queues are expected. To avoid them, check to see if tickets can be purchased online.


Like everything in Paris, dining out is also dear. But then again, if you are going to do it, then this city is the place to do it. Like Italy, you pay extra to be seen. Keep in mind that some cafés make you pay for sitting outside to people watch. Then again, there are plenty of beautiful spots to people watch when arranging an impromptu picnic on a sunny day.

Absorb yourself in the atmosphere

There is a reason why they call Paris one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. So take some time to breathe in the atmosphere and lose yourself in the streets and quaint quarters.

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